〰️ about 〰️


My name is Leslie.

I’m a 33 year old woman. I left my partner of ten years, thirty years my senior (I know), in December 2018. We have a two-year old daughter.

I’m a single mom trying to put her life back together. I’m a woman who is trying to rediscover her passions after spending so much of her life catering to other people.

I’m a person who has decided to commit to a dating sabbatical.

So currently, I’m dating myself.

I write to heal my heart and confront my flaws.

I write to be a better person to myself.

Because I recognize that until I take care of my primary relationship–the one I’ve had since birth and will have until I die–I will suffer in my other important relationships.

I welcome you on my journey. Take a seat, have a drink, and enjoy the story time  with me.

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