the path ahead

I imagine my body as a current, pushing forward over stone and soil, carving out a path for myself. Twisting, winding through trees; root systems suckling on me, little by little as I meander and create a way for myself.

It’s a powerful image–and I keep that word in mind: power. I have power over my life. I am not living my life on another person’s terms. It is mine.

In December 2018, I left my partner of ten and a half years.

I took our two-year old daughter, packed a few items, and drove away.

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In 2015, I bought the domain “”

During a plane ride flying over beautiful, undulating rivers in middle America, I began to ponder river terminology. That’s what a normal person does, right?

When I came across the word “oxbow,” or U-shaped bends in the river, something about it struck a chord with me. And there and then, I scooped it up (in the plural form, bien sûr).

Having left a desk job that left me feeling unfulfilled, I now mulled over the business possibilities with my new website. A river-centric style and travel blog? Sporting gear business? Yoga business for folks in co-dependent relationships?

Nothing particularly stuck with me.

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